EarthKry bats for more Reggae Music

Reggae band EarthKry has appealed for reggae music to be played more frequently.

Aldayne Haughton, a member of the band, which is currently on its Survival Winter tour, said: “We can’t afford to limit our music to once a year (Reggae Month).”

“Reggae, and I mean in its purest form, should be blaring from speakers right through the year,” he said. “I am asking the youth to rally around our music and support it, because it feeds millions of families and helps to promote a healthy and peaceful lifestyle globally,” the vocalist/guitarist added.

The EarthKry member argued that reggae is the only genre that pushes love consistently. “I am not talking about man and woman thing … . I am talking about the upliftment of the human race.”

February, which just ended, is celebrated as Reggae Month in Jamaica. Various entertainers, including Bounty Killer, have pleaded with the authorities to exercise leniency when dealing with the enforcement of laws like the Night Noise Act during the month of celebrations. Jamaica Reggae Band

March 02, 2018